Board Meeting Notes - April 16, 2019

April 16, 2019 Monthly Board Meeting:

At the monthly board meeting of the Bradford Sanitary Authority, Executive Director Rick Brocius reported on a factory tour conducted at the manufacturing plant of Advanced Drainage Systems Inc (ADS) in Muncy PA. BSA staff observed demonstrations presented by ADS on the latest in plastic and composite pipe, fittings, and catch basins, for sanitary and stormwater projects. Several of the new composite basins are on order for replacement of deteriorated basins on city streets. The new composite basins are lighter and safer to handle, easier to install and connect to, and are much more resistant to the heavy salt conditions of the winter season.

The annual Chapter 94 was submitted to the DEP in March as required. The report identified all performance, repair, and improvement, activities conducted on the collection systems over the prior year throughout all five municipalities served by the treatment plant. It also serves to show the ongoing efforts to reduce the impact of inflow & infiltration (I&I) on the collection system and treatment plant.

It was also reported that the Authority completed installation of five new flowmeters in key locations throughout the sanitary collection system. These new state-of-the-art flow meters are now sending real-time flow data back to the treatment plant to identify rates, increases, and trends regarding the flow in the system. Such data is then saved to the server and the Flow Link software allows BSA staff to generate numerous reports on the flow performance in the system. This information is very important to assessing the impact and progress of reducing I&I throughout the system.

The Authority’s rules and regulations are also under an update process relative to addressing delinquency management for sanitary and stormwater services. The goal will be to help Authority customers with payment options and provide for new tools in the collection of overdue accounts. The Authority appreciates and values the timely payments by the vast majority of its customers. In turn these funds have been put to good use is addressing flooding problems, performing emergency repairs, rebuilding deteriorated infrastructure, and assessing and mapping the system. Unpaid stormwater accounts are one of the top priorities of the delinquency management efforts.

BSA staff are also beginning preparations for sewer and storm work in advance of State and City paving projects. Work on a new storm catch basin and two sewer manholes related to the Foreman Street Bridge project will be particularly challenging given the high traffic volume in that area. Additional work on South Kendall Avenue, South Avenue, West Corydon Street, and East Main Street is also in the planning stages.

Hickes Associates, Pure Tech Electric, and Mazza Mechanical Services, continue to make good progress on the phase three plant upgrades. Demolition in the old plant is ongoing in preparation for new walls, locker room, restrooms, lighting, heating, IT equipment room, lab, and training room. Work has picked up outside with the return of favorable weather. More equipment and larger crews are moving sand and erecting walls in constructing the new reed bed facility. Work has also picked up on the underground piping, floors, and walls of the new sludge digester tanks. Progress photos can be seen on the Authority’s web site and Face Book page.