Sewer Connection Permit Application

A written application shall be prepared on the form furnished by the Authority  (attached) for the purpose of requesting approval of or the installation of a wastewater connection to each premises, said application to be signed by the owner of the premises or his duly authorized agent, said application to be subject to such fees as are hereinafter set forth, which application, together with the rules and regulations of the Authority, shall regulate and control the service for wastewater from such premises; and said application to be submitted at least one (1) month before the service line is required.

Applications are merely written requests for service line connections and service, all applications being subject to approval of the Authority prior to commencement of the work or service requested therein.

No agreement will be entered into by the Authority with any applicant for wastewater service until all arrearages for wastewater rents and other charges due by the applicant at any premises now or theretofore owned or occupied by him shall have been paid.

Notification must be submitted to the Authority upon any change in ownership of the property.

Wastewater service will be renewed under a proper application when the conditions under which such service was discontinued are corrected, and upon the payment of all charges provided in the schedule of rates, rules, or regulations of the Authority due from the applicant.

When a completed application for a wastewater permit is received by the Authority, the Authority shall determine the applicable connection and tapping fees. A permit will not be issued until said fees have been paid by or on behalf of the applicant.

Where there is an existing service line connection, which is repaired or replaced, no tapping fee shall be due; however, in the event that new service connections are made for additional premises, a tapping fee shall be due for each such connection.


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