Stormwater Connection Permit Application

Any owner/contractor desiring to connect to the Stormwater Management System of the Authority must first make a written application for a permit at least two (2) weeks before the service is required. No work of any nature shall commence before the issuance of said permit. See the attached Stormwater Connection Permit Application.

The application will state the property’s address, the owner’s name, the reason that the connection is necessary, the proposed use of the property, conveyance criteria calculating anticipated stormwater flow, and the size of pipe, basins and any proposed appurtenances.

The owner or his authorized agent must sign the application. The application together with these Rules, and Regulations of the Authority and all other applicable local resolutions or ordinances shall regulate and control the provision of stormwater service to the property.

The application must be accompanied by any required service charges and any other fees established by the Authority from time to time.

The application must contain a proposed date when the connection will be ready for inspection by Authority personnel.

When an application has been made for a stormwater connection or change in an existing service, it is assumed that all plumbing, piping and fixtures which will be serviced are in order to receive the service. The Authority shall not be liable in any case for any accident, breaks, or leakage arising in any way in connection with the acceptance of stormwater flow or failure to accept stormwater flow, or the freezing of pipes or fixtures, nor for any damage to the building or property which may result from the usage or non-usage of stormwater service provided to the property.

At the time of the inspection of the stormwater connection, the owner shall permit the Authority’s designated inspector full and complete access to all pipes and appurtenances in each building and in and about all parts of the property. No portion of the work shall be covered over, or in any manner concealed, until after it is inspected and approved by the inspector.

Notwithstanding any other provisions to the contrary, the Authority shall at all times reserve the right to withhold the issuance of any permit for connection to the Stormwater Management System until the owner provides collateral or security as the Authority in its sole and absolute discretion deems adequate. Such security is to provide a fund from which all costs and expenses can be paid for the construction of any necessary connection from the existing stormwater main to the property of the owner; in the event the owner or any successor fails to complete the construction.

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