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Program Objectives

The main objective of BSA’s stormwater management program is to provide a benefit to city residents and businesses through enhanced operation and maintenance of the stormwater infrastructure that controls pollution and reduces flooding. Additional program goals include:

  • Complying with existing stormwater obligations and increasing state law requirements for proper operation of the system
  • Enhanced operation, maintenance, and replacement, of stormwater assets to save money by extending their useful life.
  • Assess the condition of the existing infrastructure to endure that it meets current and future needs, and strategically implement improvements in the most cost efficient manner.
  • Develop a dedicated and reliable funding source outside the common tax base.
  • Implement a fair and equitable allocation of costs to City property owners.
  • Educate the community on proper stormwater management including techniques and practices to assist property owners with minimizing the quantity of stormwater leaving their property.

It is also a goal of the Authority to manage the stormwater in a way the minimizes the amount of stormwater that illegally or unintentionally enter the sanitary sewer system. Such stormwater can consume valuable treatment plant capacity, increase the risk of effluent violations, and ads to the overall cost to operate and maintain the sanitary sewer system.

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