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Stormwater History

Since the incorporation of Bradford in 1879, the City along with various developers, industries, and landowners, installed stormwater infrastructure to collect stormwater runoff and convey it to discharge points along the Tunungwant Creek. Today there are approximately 35 miles of stormwater pipes & inlets, over 1,225 catch basins, and several detention ponds. Historically, the City has been responsible for installing and maintaining stormwater infrastructure that includes swales, storm sewers, basins, curbs. Gutters, culverts, and detention ponds. It is estimated that the average age of the stormwater infrastructure within Bradford is about 75 years old. The make up the stormwater collection system is estimated to be comprised of 75% tile pipe, 20% concrete pipe, and 5% plastic pipe. Many of the systems pipes, inlets, manholes and culverts are reaching the end of their lifecycle. It is anticipated that they will require extensive cleaning, repairs, and complete replacement over the next 20 years. Under the terms of a lease agreement, the daily operation, maintenance, and improvements to this infrastructure in now the responsibility of the Bradford Sanitary Authority.